Johnathon Paape

Composer, Arranger, Songwriter


My name is Johnathon Paape. I have taught music in both classroom and private settings for around seven years now and have my Bachelor's Degree in Music Theory and Master's Degree in Music Composition. I would love to have my music played by as many people as I can get it out to. I aspire to write music for Film/Video Games, but I really love writing academically also. My principle instrument is guitar and I was lucky enough to get to study under the great Dr. James Greeson, who was recently inducted into the Arkansas Jazz Hall of Fame. I was also able to study composition with him and eventually found a voice of my own that I use every time I compose a new piece. I really want my music to be recognized, not necessarily as something groundbreaking, but as something that people want to listen to. I would eventually like to teach college full time.